Concurso Internacional de Piano
XXX Cidade de Ferrol


1. - Registrations shall commence the day following the publication of the rules in the Official Provincial Bulletin (BOP) and shall close on 31 October 2017.

2. - The registration form must be submitted to the Department of Culture (negociado de Cultura) - Piano Competition “Cidade de Ferrol”, duly completed and accompanied by the following mandatory documents, which shall not be returned under any circumstance:

a) Copy of national identity document or passport.
b) Two passport sized photos, with the name and surname of the participant on the back.
c) A photo on glossy photographic paper, at least 9x12cm, which may be reproduced during the course of the competition.
d) Curriculum vitae of the candidate, in double-spaced format, which details personal information, completed studies, teachers, tours, concerts, etc., as well as any other details of the participant’s musical activities.

All of the above documentation must be sent to the following address:

Praza de Armas s/n - 15402 FERROL (GALICIA-ESPAÑA)
Phone: +34 981 944 180. Fax: +34 981 945 173

3. - The registration form may be replaced by a letter signed by the person concerned (the person sending the documents in the previous point), which must state:

a) Personal details: name, surname, date of birth, nationality, national identity document or passport number.
b) Address for notifications: street, post code, city, country, telephone, fax, e-mail.
c) Works chosen for the competition: titles and composer for the first, second and third stages (piano concerto with orchestra).
d) Declaration certifying that the contestant understands and shall abide by the rules of the competition and accepts the decisions of the jury.

4. - Registration applications shall be reviewed by the organisers of the competition, which shall verify the suitability of the submitted documentation and shall determine the status of applicants’ admission, which shall be notified by certified mail, email or fax, along with the full text of the rules.


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