Concurso Internacional de Piano
XXIX Cidade de Ferrol

competition Stages

1. The contest shall consist of two eliminatory stages and a final stage, all of such being open to the public and in accordance with the following:

a) First eliminatory stage. Maximum time: 35 minutes. The candidate will perform a free election program that must include:

* A prelude and fugue from “The Well-Tempered Clavier”, by J. S. Bach
* An etude selected from the following: Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Debussy or Ligeti.

b) Second eliminatory stage. Maximum time: 50 minutes. A recital of the contestant's own choice, which must include a piece to be chosen among the following Spanish composers:

Albéniz: A piece of "Iberia", including "Navarra" or "La Vega".
Granados: A piece of "Goyescas" or "El Pelele".
Falla: "Fantasía Bética" or "Cuatro Piezas Españolas".

Pieces performed during the first stage shall not be accepted.

c) Final stage with orchestra. The contestants shall perform, while accompanied by the Galicia Symphony Orchestra.

Contestants will play a concert with orchestra chosen from the following:

* W. A. Mozart's KV 466 in D minor
* W. A. Mozart's KV 488 in A major
* Beethoven's No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5
* R. Schumann's Op. 54 in A minor
* F. Chopin's No. 1 and 2
* F. Liszt's No. 1 and 2
* P. I. Tchaikovsky's No. 1
* Rachmaninov's No. 2 and 3
* S. Prokofiev: nº 1 y 3.
* M. Ravel: concerto in G major.

2. The order of the performance of the contestants during the eliminatory stages shall be decided through a public draw, which shall be held on 17 November. The time and the results of the draw shall be published on the webpage: www.ferrol.eres/piano. In the event that any of the contestants do not attend the draw, the organisers are waived of any responsibility, whereby the contestants are to have the interest in their order of performance.

The resulting order following the draw may not be modified, except for unforeseen circumstances duly accredited and previously approved by the jury; with the exception of the last round with the orchestra, for which the jury reserves the right to modify the order.

3. For all stages, the pieces shall be performed from memory.

4. All performances shall be before an open public and broadcast live over the Internet.

5. Under no circumstances shall changes to the chosen repertoire be accepted.

6. The decision of the jury shall be final for all cases.


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